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Hello my name is Kit. Thanks for visiting.

When we are taking big decisions or something is not quite right we will, quite often, look to talk the issues through with a professional. House purchase, health issues, buying a car, educational choices and so on.

But what about work, the area of life where many of us spend the majority of our waking hours? Who do you go to? Many of the decisions are not easy and yet so often we go it alone or talk to someone who, however well-meaning, is not truly neutral.

I am a professionally qualified coach, based in London, with experience of coaching and training groups and individuals from the self-employed, middle management or the boardroom. I am also a professionally trained actor, role-player and facilitator. In addition I have a long background in business including senior positions within the finance, PR, politics and the consultancy industries.

If I can help you, it will be often by helping you to find the answers that you may already have, or to open a door for you to walk through, should you so wish. In addition, my background as an actor together with a wealth of experience in the corporate world, especially in the City of London, means that we can look at a range of rewarding ways to work together which may be different from other offers. I am there to give you the space you deserve. You can contact me here.