My aim is to bring out the brilliance in my clients and help them find their way.

Coaching is about the positives in life, about the opportunities that are out there for us. There are certain situations in particular where I can help:

  • If you are at a crossroads in your career or your professional life
  • If your organisation is going through change
  • If you want help preparing for that vital interview or presentation.
  • If your promotional path has caused you to lose touch with your colleagues and the business
  • If your behavioural, presentational and leadership skills need developing

As a qualified coach and a professional actor, together with many years of experience in the corporate world, I can incorporate the benefits of theatre skills, corporate skills practice and focused coaching into helping you achieve your brilliance.

I have been lucky enough to coach a variety of clients, both directly and via their employers, including:

  • Clients in “Women back to Work” schemes with large blue-chip companies. We have looked at confidence and a re-calibration of the “pre-break” mind-set as a way of achieving brilliance.
  • Clients moving up the management ladder, where extra skills in leadership, presentation and behaviours have reduced the stress and increased the fun and results of being in charge.
  • Clients moving out of the corporate PAYE world into the self-employed consultancy area. We all have many skills, not just one!
  • Clients dealing with the fierce competitiveness of the corporate world – especially in the City of London. Self belief and being “authentically you” in the face of challenging colleagues has been a very rewarding area to discover.
  • Clients juggling disparate jobs, where the heart and the head are going in different directions. Finding out where the balance should be, for example, between the creative task and the analytical task or between the academic task and the entrepreneurial task.
  • Clients who have been ultra-busy executives and are suddenly lost. Opportunities beckon but which way do I go?
  • Clients needing that extra polish to their skills be it in presentation, sales technique, staff reviews, interviews, redundancy moments and any other difficult conversations.
  • Younger clients finding their way or just starting out. Let’s find that confidence within you!
  • Unlocking potential for clients wherever they may be in life.

I aim to make our time together rewarding, enjoyable, entertaining and fulfilling – working towards a positive outcome – at an affordable price. I can be reached here.